Founded in 1992 as grower and exporter group of tropical and exotic fruit, since 1995, as owner operators FRUTEXPO has been growing and exporting various varieties of roses to different countries.

Products: Exotic Fruits such as Baby Banana, Physalis (Cape Gooseberries), Tamarillo, Pitahaya, Granadilla (Golden Passion fruit), Maracuya (Yellow Passion fruit), Feijoa, Curuba, Cactus Figs, Gulupa (Purple Passion fruit), Guanabana (Stachelannone) and Lulo.
Advantages: Since we have important experience in the exporting process, we make a rigorous quality control, beginning with the production process.

  • Quality of storage, package and delivering of produces.
  • We guarantee our clients the best fruit right on time.
  • Our company‚Äôs policy is to give the clients a high quality service in all the areas; we know for sure that our business depends on the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our produce has filled out all the requirements to enter the European Community.
  • Exporting experience with countries such as England, France, Canada, Panama, Brazil and Hong Kong.
  • As we are at the tropical location, we have available almost all of the fruits all year around
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Rafael Manrique

Ignacio Ochoa
Cel: 57.315.3368259

Financial Director
Felipe Ochoa
Cel: 57.320.4991668

Sales and Operations
Fabiola Salamanca
Cel: 57.310.2643116

Tel: +57.1.2316234 - Address: Carrera 51 No 78 - 22
Bogota D.C., Colombia
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